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  • Where is Rochdale Village located?

    Rochdale Village is located on 120-acres of what was formerly the Jamaica Racetrack in Queens.  The area is part of Community Board 12 and grouped as part of Greater Jamaica, corresponding to the former Town of Jamaica.  Rochdale is approximately two miles from the Queens/Nassau border and about one mile north of the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

  • How accessible is Rochdale Village?

    Rochdale Village is a walking neighborhood.  The community is within walking distance to Locust Manor LIRR station, express bus service to Manhattan and is minutes away from JFK Airport. It also has easy access to major highways, beaches and Nassau County shopping.  Get directions here

  • What kind of Cooperative is Rochdale Village?

    Rochdale Village was developed out of the United Housing Foundationunder the Mitchell-Lama Housing Program to provide affordable housing for low-middle-income families.

    • What kinds of facilities are available at Rochdale Village?

      Apartments at Rochdale Village are found within 20 buildings that are built in groups of four throughout five cul-de-sacs. Each 13-story building has three sections. Rochdale Village has its own branch of the Queens Public Library system and its own power plant.The power plant independently generates all the electrical power, heating, air-conditioning, and domestic hot water services for the entire residential development and its two shopping malls. The Rochdale Village Department of Public Safety, works closely with the NYPD's 113th Precinct, and employs a mix of unarmed Security Guards and Peace Officers to safeguard the community.

    • Does Rochdale Village have rental apartments?


    • Are pets allowed?

      Only service animals are allowed.

    • How many units are there in Rochdale Village?

      There are 5,860 residential units in the complex, and close to 25,000 residents. Each of the 20 buildings has 13 floors of residential apartments with two elevators. Laundry room facilities are located on the ground floor of each building. There is also the community center and the power plant.  For a clearer picture of the units see apartments.

    • What are the education options in and around Rochdale Village?

      There are several schools within the area and three specifically on Rochdale Village premises that cater to children from pre kindergarten up to high school. See

    • How can I go about purchasing an apartment at Rochdale Village?

      Because Rochdale Village, Inc. is a housing cooperative; applicants are only purchasing a ‘share’ in the corporation.Application forms may be accessed from the receptionist in the Management Office or downloaded online (see link below) Once fully completed, the apartment application must be sent back to Rochdale Village by mail (see application for further details).

    • What is the waiting list process at Rochdale Village?

      The Rochdale Village waiting lists reflects the application status for all apartments. New applicants can click on then use the down arrow to select “Rochdale Village” from the list of available housing cooperatives throughout the five boroughs. Click on the SUBMIT button. Go to the section called Available Waiting Lists. The list will appear at the bottom of the page. Using your application number, find your position on the list. See waiting list page for more details.

    • If I am already a resident, can I join the waiting list to transfer to another apartment?
      Current Rochdale Village residents that are waiting to transfer to a new apartment should click on then click on “Generate Waiting List for Application Type”.  Consult tabs “Internal Transfer” and “Apartment Size” to find the apartment size that you applied for.  Using your application number, find your position on the list.   Return to the top of the page and go into the Waiting List for Application Type equals “Admissions” and Apartment Size is the size apartment for which you applied. See waiting list page for more details


    • What is the wait time for an apartment in Rochdale Village?

      Approximate wait times differ based on the size of the apartment requested however see below for estimates:

      3 Rooms: 36 Months
      3.5 Rooms: 36 months 
      4 Rooms: 36 months 
      4.5 Rooms: 48 months
      5 Rooms: 48 months
      6 Rooms: 36 months
      6.5 Rooms: 36 months

    • What are the requirements for applicants to Rochdale Village?

      Please consult the DHCR waiting list page for applicant criteria.

    • What are the income limits for admission to Rochdale Village?
      Household income must be within the allowable income limit at time of application and at time of apartment availability.  Please see waiting list page for more details


    • What should I expect after I apply to be on the waiting list?

      You will receive a confirmation that your application has been received after that you will have to wait.  Rest assured that notification will occur as soon as an apartment opens up.

    • If I want to open a store, in Rochdale Village, whom do I call?

      Contact the Commercial Coordinator, Sheree Simmons at 718-276-5700 Extension 3230 or email

    • If I want to rent a space for an event in the community center, whom do I call?

      Contact the Community Center rep at 718-276-5700 Extension 3370

    • Feed back on site
      Please text any feedback about this website to 347-480-9479 or call the Rochdale Village Bulletin Office at 718-276-5700 x359. Your comments will assist us in improving the site.  We value your feedback.  Unfortunately, we may not be able to respond immediately to your texts.